Norman Foster is right - as a building ages, its technology needs to be updated, to continue to be safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Needs Change, as a Building Ages

The aging process adds concern to the responsibility of building ownership, especially in the aspect of vertical transportation. At DC Elevator, we specialize in all facets of modernization when it comes to elevator systems, spanning a range of products from passenger and freight elevators to both hydraulic– and traction-based solutions, including the popular Machine-Room-Less (MRL) elevators.

We take care of simple cosmetic upgrades to the elevator cabs and fixtures, which help improve the general perception of the building. We offer more efficient ways for the elevator to operate, by updating its controller. And we can replace important parts and components, to ensure the safety of passengers and compliance to current elevator code.

These are a few indicators that your elevator needs modernization:

  • Your elevator sounds and performs poorly
  • Passengers do not feel safe using it
  • Its appearance does not match the building
  • Proprietary or obsolete parts are not supported anymore
  • Maintenance cost has increased
  • Safety Mechanism Failure
  • Non-functioning Equipment
  • Equipment not meeting ADA Guidelines

The Choice is Yours

Potential modernization projects typically include one or more of the following elements:

  • Cab Restoration and Renovation
  • Car and Hall Fixture Upgrades
  • Refurbishing and Remodeling
  • Controller Replacement
  • Upgrade to meet ADA Guidelines
  • Door Equipment Replacement
  • Hydraulic Power Unit Replacement
  • Traction Machine Replacement

There are economic reasons to modernize the vertical transportation systems of older buildings and facilities: It keeps them competitive with newer structures, and the increased value of the property provides a healthy financial return on your initial investment.

We offer Site Assistance

As a critical step in planning and coordinating future elevator modernizations, DC Elevator offers complimentary site surveys. These include:

  • Analysis of the existing elevator system condition
  • Evaluation of remaining useful service life of major components
  • Measurement of the current ride quality
  • Opportunities for future energy conservation

We also take aesthetics into consideration and look to the renovation of the elevator interior as a means to increase building quality, for example upgrading elevator cab lighting or features. An up-to-date elevator adds aesthetic value and a positive note to the perception of the whole building.

We can work closely with your design professional or builder to evaluate your specific needs, allowing us to offer a customized elevator solutions.

The DC Elevator Modernization Process

We have a process in place to provide modernization carefully and to the exact needs of the owner.  It includes multiple steps, and we streamlined it over time:

First, we consult the building owner/operator for their needs, set goals, an approximate budget, and the preferred project timeline.  Then we survey the vertical transportation equipment on location. After careful analysis, we provide recommendations and estimate the budget.  As we finalize the project scope and schedule the individual steps, we formalize the contract and develop a project timeline our customer can rely on.  If the modernization is part of the concerted effort to renovate a building, we will work closely with the project manager from start to project completion.

Please contact us to get started, or learn more about our modernization advantages.